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What is a spy?

So what exactly is a spy? By definition, a spy is a person who secretly collects and reports information on the activities, movements, and plans of an enemy or competitor. Spies can work for directly governments, be independent contractors, or even do things that wouldn't classify them as being a 'spy', although they are doing spy things. For instance, you purchasing our USB voice recorder and using it to spy on your nosy neighbor who always seems to be up to something. Technically, you doing this wouldn't classify you as being a spy. However, since you are a person collecting information without the consent of another, by definition, you are a spy.

You're just not the James Bond, gun-wielding, hat-drawn-over-your-eyes type spy that we all imagine. But that's ok. You're your own kind of spy. And in our book, a spy is a spy. Whether you're just gathering juicy knowledge about your neighbor, or you are committed to the extraction, retention, and transfer of information so valuable, that its specifics could cause governments to fall. Regardless, you're the mastermind. So get out there and be a spy.

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